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Asian guy ask to marry a Russian girl and gets rejected despite of his money

Mar 16, 2021 | Bad behavior, Fails and rejections

An Asian guy came to pick up his girlfriend at what it seems to be an office. He wants to marry her and had bring a brand new Lamborghini that he apparently bought for her. Hard to say if it’s a real or fake video but the scene is sad and curious by the same time. According to differents sources, the scene takes place in China’s Hunan province.

The cameraman records the guy kneeling in front of his girlfriend, while a lot of people are standing around them. He has a flower bucket in his hand and ask to marry her. But the girld doesn’t want and seems to be really embarrassed. She then reject him despite of the car he bought and his love.

The Asian guy make pressure on her as the rest of the crowd. But the girl continues to resist and to refuse the marry. The asian guy tries to convince her and uses his money as a seductive way. Indeed, he repeats several time that he can buy anything the girl’s want and that he is rich. But the girl isn’t interessted by his money and leaves the place.

The man is frustrated to see the love of his life ruining this moment and adopts a bad behavior. By having those bad gestures he fall in the average frustrated chump group, and maybe in the friendzone, who knows ? The way is long for him to become a PUA !

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