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Cyclist girl is harassed by a van driver then revenge herself

Feb 23, 2021 | Bad behavior, Fails and rejections, Street Pick Up

A biker arrives at a redlight where is already a cyclist girl and a van waiting for the light to turn green. The van driver has already the window open and is speaking loudly to the girl. It seems that she has been harrassed for a moment. Indeed, when she arrives to the redlight, she is already angry and she closes the van’s rear-view mirror.

It seems that the driver’s seduction game isn’t going as expected. The van’s driver even tries to touche the girl’s shoulder. She denies him to touch her and also reponds by showing him the middle finger.

The van finally starts when the light turn green. The cyclist girl follows the van, herself followed by the biker with the camera. The van finally stops against the sidewalk. The girl arrives at his level and breaks the rear-view mirror.

She then flee fast enough to not be caught. The biker approaches the van’s passenger and tell him that they deserve it. The van’s driver surely should be more a nice guy if he wants to pick up girls like her !

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