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Guy picks up girls with a Bugatti then reveals he’s not the owner

Mar 19, 2021 | Fails and rejections, Fun, Street Pick Up

A youtuber from Twinz TV channel has set up a prank with the help of a Bugatti Veyron. He stays next to his car on the sidewalk and waits for girls to passe in front him. During this video, he will open the conversation with 3 differents girls. 

The first one is a pretty blonde in a bikini. The interaction is really funny as the girl seems to be really interested by the youtuber. He asks her to eat something at a restaurant. She agrees immediately to go with him in his sport car.

But then the youtuber reveals that the Bugatti is not his car. At the announcement, the pretty blonde changes her mind and turn around, then leaves him, laughing and joking about him with her friend.

A blonde girl talks with a guy on the sidewalk
Two girls leave a guy alone

He is about to do the same thing with a second girl (with the black dress one). He begins to talk with her and tells her that he wants to eat something and asks if she knows a good place. She is giving him indications about a good place when two guys arrives on their spot and ask to the youtuber to not sit on their car. The youtuber then say ok, revealing that he was faking the ownership and the girl leaves the area, not interested anymore to talk with him. 

A girl speaks with a guy sat on a sport car
Two guys interrupt a conversation between a boy and a girl

But the third girl will give a different output. After having speak a short moment, the youtuber proposes her to go eat something. She agrees, then the guy reveals that the Bugatti is not his car and that his car is the poor car behind the Bugatti. But the girl doesn’t changes her mind and mounts aboard without caring that the guy is not rich. Maybe she didn’t got the courage to turn around, who knows ?

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