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Teenager multiplies cute approaches in street pick up

Mar 3, 2021 | Fails and rejections, Fun, Street Pick Up

Steven, a 13 years old teenager from Whatever, is caught on camera picking up girls on the street. In this video, he talks to many girls older than him. He multiplies cute approaches, like the first where he engages in conversation with a couple. In this one, he asks the girl if she has a bandage because he fell on his knees for her, in front of her boyfriend. The couple start laughing and Steven then asks her for her phone number.

Unfortunately for him, all girls reject him due to his age. But he is surely better than a lot of us for street pick up. Also, his behavior gives us a lot of clues to work on our own self confidence. He will finally grab a phone number by faking to have to call his mum, continue Steven, you are on the good way to become a Pick Up Artist !

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