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The “He is not coming” seduction tip – Barney Stinson

Mar 8, 2021 | Fails and rejections, Fun, Pick Up Artist

Barney Stinson uses a tip from The Playbook to try to seduce women. The Playbook is a book regrouping 75 seduction tips writtent by Barney Stinson. In the video, he is on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, approaching lone women who seems to wait for someone. He tells them that “he is not coming“, refering to a potential futur boyfriend.

Most of the time women reject him, but sometime, one of them can have a different reaction. Indeed, the last woman of the video that he is approaching begins to cry. It is the perfect opportunity for the pick up artist to seduce her. Barney take the opportunity to give a hug to the woman and surely to continue the interaction at another place…

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