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A man exposes a gold digger with the help of a fake homeless man

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Fails and rejects, Street Pick Up | 0 comments

In that short video, the youtuber Dennis Cee can be seen approaching a pretty woman and trying to engage a conversation with her. The girl refuses to speak with him but the youtuber doesn’t let her leave. At the same time, a fake homeless man, who is also a youtuber (E.T from OCKTV), approaches Dennis Cee and ask him for money.

Dennis Cee then grabs a pack of money from his pocket and gives a few to the homeless man. The girl seens the scene and changes his behavior. Indeed, at this moment she is more open to have a converation with the player. Dennis Cee then tells her that she has been victim from a prank, and exposed as a gold digger.

Maybe she was juste liking the philanthropist side of Dennis Cee, who knows ? The youtuber then throw her contemptuously the pack of money and proofs that he hasn’t more value than the gold digger. The winner is the second homeless man who stealthy grabs the money on the ground !